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When you grow something this special the word gets out.

Two Guys From Woodbridge has grown something that we never expected: a following.

We appreciate the kind words.

It was always our hope to grow local, organic hydroponic produce that people would love as much as we do. Over our eight years, we have learned that we have more than customers; we have friends. We have succeeded because cooks and consumers have not only bought our produce but shared our passion. We thank everyone for sharing our efforts with friends and family. It has allowed us to grow and offer more choices for food lovers throughout the region. This all culminated when we were named Connecticut Farm of the Year by The Edible Nutmeg. We are humbled and grateful for all the recognition.

The Latest News

Harrison Mosher, Executive Chef, Alta:

“Flavor and consistency, bar-none.”

David Hughes, Operations Manager of the Union Square Greenmarket:

“Another great one is Two Guys From Woodbridge They sell certified organic and very interesting microgreens, things no one else has. Orac is something that comes to mind right now—it’s a microgreen that’s purple. Chefs love his stuff, they line up to buy it. Per Se, wd~50, ABC Kitchen: they’ve got a long list of restaurants that come specifically for his items. I can see chefs looking at his microgreens and just seeing them on the plate as the perfect garnish.”

Jon Bignelli, Chef, wd~50 (3 Star Michelin Restaurant):

“We love the mustard greens and micros from Two Guys. The products are always beautiful and have great flavor.”

Sherri Brooks Vinton, The Edible Nutmeg:

“When was the last time you got excited about salad? Not just a crush on the healthy benefits of the greens or the bikini potential that a steady diet of roughage yields. But an honest craving that makes your mouth water for the taste of it. Call me a Pavlovian dog but that’s the feeling I get when I see the edible bouquets from Two Guys From Woodbridge.”

Florence Fabricant, Food Critic, New York Times:

“Two Guys From Woodbridge sells salad greens that stay as fresh as can be for a week, not a wilted or yellowed leaf to be seen.”

Jenny Jones, Chef, Gramercy Tavern:

“Two Guys provide an exceptionally high-quality product at a very competitive price.”