They grow perfectly in our home so they will taste perfectly in yours.

Two Guys From Woodbridge

We began with the loftiest of goals—to grow the finest greens, herbs and other edibles that could be tasted anywhere. Our vision was not born of pride. It was born of our love of food, our knowledge that food can be more than sustenance but a soul satisfying pleasure. To do so, we knew that we had to turn the act of farming into the art of farming. A new type of farming was needed. Growing is more that planting a seed. It is creating a nurturing environment for plants to thrive and flourish. New technologies and techniques were implemented to insure the highest standard of quality. The result has become a revolutionary way to grow in a hydroponic-organic greenhouse. We make sure every single plant is tended to individually. Every leaf perfect.

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Our featured product is our first: mesclun mix with edible flowers. Since then, Two Guys From Woodbridge has expanded into a variety of plants. We grow micro-greens and basil and so much more. All are to fill your kitchen with the finest ingredients available. Be it an upscale dinner party or a simple salad in front of your TV, our goal is to always provide you with the best.

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When Two Guys From Woodbridge began growing hydroponic-organic foods, we had no idea how we would be received. We are grateful that many others have taken notice of what we were seeking to achieve. Our pride is seeing our dream become a reality. And we would like to share with you news and articles that recognize our farm and the products that we grow.

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