We are not perfect for any restaurant, only the ones who seek perfection.

Two Guys From Woodbridge

Long before there was Two Guys From Woodbridge there were two guys who relished good food. Not any meal but a true culinary experience. It was their passion, their hobby, their thing. The founders were and are true gourmands. Two Guys From Woodbridge understand that cooking is more than a job—it is a life commitment. We know takes an immeasurable amount of hard work to perfect the culinary arts. Over time, we have befriended many chefs who are dedicated to this incredibly demanding and time intensive pursuit. It is our pleasure and pride to provide the finest ingredients to some of the finest restaurants around. We are, after all, not only their partners, we are their customers.

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Two Guys From Woodbridge doesn’t just simply grow produce, any more than a great restaurant whips up a dish. We seek perfection. We grow micro-greens and basil and so much more. We will work with your restaurant enhance your finest offerings while we will never stop enhancing ours.

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Two Guys From Woodbridge was created to grow the finest produce, not seek recognition. We are fortunate that along the way others have recognized and honored our mission. We thank them for their comments. And we would like to share with you news and articles that recognize our farm and the products that we grow.

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