Nuturing the perfect foods is our passion.

Our challenge: To create a farm next door where consumers and restaurants alike could enjoy superior produce that was picked from the farm the very same day.

Our Story

Two Guys From Woodbridge is a farm that was not begun by farmers. The founders, in fact, are a Madison Avenue advertising executive and a computer programmer. They created a farm in Connecticut of the type of which never had existed. A 250-year-old Revolution era home was purchased in Hamden. On the property, the world’s most technologically advanced greenhouses were built to provide produce year around. It might sound like something of a contradiction—the new and the old. But to begin a new farm in CT took new thinking. It also took the traditional values of farming—hard work from sunrise to sunset then some. A commitment has become a transformation. Two Guys From Woodbridge are proud to call themselves for what they now are: local farmers.

Behind The Scenes